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Easy and effective removals is the goal. Skin growths are accumulation of different types of cells that look out of place from the surrounding skin. You may get a single or countless number of moles or tags anywhere over your body. They are usually brownish in colour but may turn black, or flesh-coloured over time. Most of the moles are harmless and don't cause any pain at all.

Removal of moles and skin tags is minor, minimally invasive and usually doesn't require any rest afterward. Most clients return to normal activities immediately after their visit while following aftercare instructions.

The first step is the consultation.  The consultation will take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on your skin concerns. Mole and skin tag removal often takes 15-30 minutes depending on the number of areas.  After approximately 7-10 days you will notice any skin crusting comes off on its own, revealing the new skin underneath.  

Each patient is assessed individually to determine the best course of treatment. During the consultation, the specialist will examine the lesion and advise an optimal removal plan. Removing benign with using a laser treatments on the skin growth this is minimally invasive. The procedure is generally painless. However, depending on the location of your lesion, staff may use a local anesthetic to ensure you don’t experience any unnecessary discomfort. All removals are performed by a certified medical professional.

At Faces MD, we follow a custom mole and skin tag removal treatment that is tailored for your skin type, size of the flaw, and its visibility. With us, you can look and stay confident.

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