Allow your Skin Tone to Glow Evenly

Venus-Viva-Fractional-8Venus Viva Fractional is an advanced and non-surgical treatment that offers skin resurfacing which aims to improve the overall texture of the body skin. It combines radio frequency waves and smart scans to help you get a smoother and healthier skin. This fractional procedure is effective in reducing the signs of skin damage, including the deep scars, enlarged pores, body stretch marks, wrinkles, rosacea, and any other skin ailments that greatly affect the beauty and texture of your skin.

Why Venus Viva Fractional?

1. It is helpful in fading scars.
2. It reduces rosacea.
3. It shrinks the enlarged pores.
4. It diminishes the stretch marks.
5. It soothes the deep wrinkles.

Venus Viva is considered a better treatment due to its ability to cover a greater body area and treating the multiple issues in a single application. It is equally safe and effective for use on all skin tones. A patient may experience a mild redness that goes away in few hours. At Faces MD, we offer a complete venus viva fractional treatment in Toronto to improve the overall texture of the skin.