If there’s one thing we all love more than ever, it’s having plenty of choices; this definitely includes cosmetic procedures. Not everyone is comfortable with talking about plastic surgery but with the options of cosmetic injectables and fillers, you don’t have to be! Setting aside weeks for surgery and recovery time doesn’t always work. We all have responsibilities that we need to attend to on a daily basis, whether it be with kids, work or just meeting up with friends. Why place your life on hold for something that takes minutes to do? How is it done: A topical “numbing cream” is provided and so are ice packs, to help numb the area. Once the cream has settled in, filler is then injected into precise areas to contour and/or shape the nose. Dermal fillers are based on substances the body produces naturally, which makes any risks quite minimal. It’s so quick and easy that the procedure can be done over your lunch break, with no down time and instant results. For the nose, Fillers last over a year before any maintenance treatment is needed so if you’re hesitant about going under the knife, cosmetic injectables and fillers are the perfect “try it on and see if you like it” approach.