What is Lypoless?


Lypoless is a lipocare mesotherapy solution for fat metabolization. It is the newest method that is known to combat the excess of fat deposits and tighten your skin using natural ingredients. Lypoless contains a combination of effective ingredients that are combined to metabolize the fat deposits and tone the skin in only one treatment. At Faces MD, we offer lypoless mesotherapy to provide you a fat-free skin.

Below are the ingredients included in the lypoless treatment:


This substance is known to break down the fat and is mostly used to treat plaque. Studies reveal that Phosphatidylcholine can effectively treat the fat pads collected under the eyes, neck, and on the thighs, hips & abdomen.


It is a beneficial amino acid that is known to oxidize fat. L-Carnitine works by carrying the fat deposits towards the mitochondrial membrane from where it is utilized to produce energy. It is directly injected into the fatty deposits to increase the rate of fat metabolism.

Hyaluronic Acid

This natural moisturizer is a crucial Lypoless ingredient that is used to tighten the look and touch of the skin.


It is a growth factor that is utilized by the body to ensure lean muscle mass. It also doesn't allow the fatty tissues to get stored in the body. IGF-1 is highly responsible to maintain a leaner and younger looking skin.