What is PRP Therapy?


Hair restoration is a combo of PRP and eDermastamp treatment. It is an amazing way to give you a natural-looking appearance. Our professionals perform hair restoration services to improve your self image and help restore your confidence. It is a well-known therapy that is an effective treatment for hair loss. It involves withdrawing the blood of a patient, processing it to keep only the enriched or plasma rich cells remain, and injecting the processed blood into the scalp. PRP therapy contains essential proteins which are believed to stimulate the hair growth naturally.

Hair Restoration

At Faces MD, we perform PRP therapies as a proactive option to patients who are experiencing a hair loss. It is a non-surgical, convenient and all-natural autologous medical procedure that stimulates the hair restoration and growth on the scalp. With eDermastamp the skin is rejuvenated to treat and improve the lines and wrinkles on the skin, i.e. on the neck, face, and other body parts. In severe cases of alopecia, it is used to stimulate the hair growth.