The secret to clear and acne-free skin!

Acne-Injection-2Do you have an important event coming up but woke up with an acne cyst on the face or some other visible area? If yes, Acne injections are your ultimate solution. These steroid injections are not only effective in immediately clearing exsisting acne but also offers a glowing and soft skin. Most often, a cystic acne penetrates below the skin surface and is generally resistant to topical treatments. This is when acne injections come into action. They are quick procedures that offer with fast results by clearing away your skin within a day or less.

Benefits of Acne Injections

1. Quick treatments
2. No scar marks
3. Fast relief
4. No abrasive treatments
5. Treat deep papules
6. Reduces inflammation
7. Painless procedures
8. Shrink away scars
9. Safe treatment
10. Minimal side effects

At Faces MD, we offer cystic acne injections for treating acne in Toronto for those beautiful moments when you need to look your best. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our dermatologists.